1. Badlands NP, South Dakota

    (June 2014)

  2. Badlands NP, South Dakota

    (June 2014)


  3. gingerlicious96 said: Hey, you've an amazing blog! You inspire me to do better with my photography. I'm definitely following you! - Lewis

    Thanks a lot for your kind words, happy shooting! 


  4. Badlands NP, South Dakota

    (June 2014)

  5. Badlands NP, South Dakota

    (June 2014)

  6. Badlands NP, South Dakota

    (June 2014)

    I am working through the photos from my last road trip and will post as I go along. Enjoy!

  7. July 2, 2014  Columbus, OH > NYC (524 mls)


    Thanks for accompanying me on my trip. I had a great time - the landscape in Yellowstone and Grand Teton is fascinating, and the photo workshop in the Badlands gave me some new inspirations that I will look into, such as IR and timelapse.

    Now Mercy is back in the garage, awaiting her “Service B” next Monday, and I have to figure out how to tackle the 10+K photos I brought back.

    And I will resume posting on my NYC blog www.kpstatz.tumblr.com. See you there!

  8. July 1, 2014         Columbus, OH

    German Village, on the National Register of Historic Places (and fittingly located right next to the Brewery District). I had no idea that by 1865, Columbus’ population was one-third German.

    It’s pretty hot here, 97F. Tomorrow morning I will be heading back to my beloved NYC.

  9. June 30, 2014     Des Moines, IA > Columbus, OH (657 mls)

    Iowa > Illinois > Indiana > Ohio

    I-80 > I-74 > I-70

    CST > EST

    11 hrs of driving

  10. June 29, 2014  Alliance, NE > Des Moines, IA (633 mls)

    Heading East - time to switch SiriusXM from Outlaw Country back to the Pop channels. Most of today’s 10 hr drive was on I-80, the “mother road” of last year’s coast-to-coast trip.

    The lady with the Beetle Convertible was also on a road trip, from California to Wisconsin.

    Wonder where the poor turkeys were going…